Tao Yin

Have you ever discovered a practice that changed your life? Perhaps it was a technique that alleviated physical pain and allowed you to enjoy greater physical mobility. Or, maybe it was a practice that empowered you to release stress and return to your center when things get difficult.

The Tao Yin form of Qi Gong has had a particularly powerful impact on Qi Gong master teacher Lee Holden’s life. Not only did it provide him with a transformative learning experience, but it also gave him tools to overcome physical pain and discomfort after a serious soccer injury.   

In this blog, you’ll discover why Tao Yin holds such an important place in Lee’s life. You’ll also learn about the inspiring way he learned the ancient practice.

Why Tao Yin Is So Important to Lee Holden

For Lee Holden, one of the profound qualities of Tao Yin was its ability to facilitate healing. As a collegiate soccer player, Lee had suffered a serious back injury causing him ongoing pain. By practicing Tao Yin, he was able to significantly alleviate that pain and restore flexibility in his body.

Tao Yin’s healing benefits are largely based on opening your meridian pathways. When Lee practiced, he could feel energy flowing through him and blockages being removed. This allowed him to let go of stagnant Qi and cultivate suppleness and fluidity in his body.

Tao Yin also helps you improve your flexibility and remove lines of tension. For Lee, this was especially important after suffering his back injury. Tao Yin quickly became an important part of his life, empowering him with the tools and techniques to overcome discomfort and experience greater vitality.

Additionally, Tao Yin movements are great for strengthening your core, which is important for overall stability and balance. As an athlete, the qualities of Tao Yin complemented his other passions. Although Lee is no longer a college-level soccer player, he’s still extremely physically active and relies on Tao Yin and other Qi Gong practices to maintain flexibility and balance in his body. Not to mention, Tao Yin is great for preventing injuries before they arise in the first place.

Lee’s Experience Learning Tao Yin From Mantak Chia

Lee’s Tao Yin journey began in Thailand nearly thirty years ago. As a dedicated Qi Gong student, he traveled halfway around the world to study with his esteemed teacher, Mantak Chia.

Each morning, Lee would wake up early and go to Mantak’s house to practice Qi Gong. Tao Yin was one of the first forms that he learned. Mantak explained that Tao Yin is one of the oldest Qi Gong styles and actually predates modern Qi Gong. 

Soon, Lee’s Tao Yin studies deepened as he started writing a book with Mantak. Anyone who has spent time writing knows it’s a great way to learn more about a topic. Lee’s daily routine included extensive Tao Yin training, Tao Yin workshops, and writing about Tao Yin. Lee was wholly immersed in Tao Yin, learning directly from one of the world’s most respected masters.  

Integrating Tao Yin with Other Qi Gong Practices

Tao Yin can also be seamlessly integrated with other Qi Gong practices. Lee loves doing a few Tao Yin movements before flowing exercises and meditations. By using Tao Yin to remove lines of tension and open his meridians, Lee feels that he creates more spaciousness for his Qi to flow.

Additionally, Tao Yin is a great practice before or after other physical activities. The practice’s slow stretching movements help prevent tightness and soreness and can even help prevent injury. Similarly, if you’ve been sitting in the same position for a while, Tao Yin can help you regain flexibility and overcome stiffness. 

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