The Five Element Energy Flow

Discussions about Qi Gong usually revolve around concepts of healing, vitality, and well being. While it often makes sense to start by learning about the theoretical foundation of Qi Gong, it is the lived experience that truly matters. The value of Qi Gong is not derived by it’s intellectual appeal, but rather, by its ability to positively impact your day to day life. There are many practices within Qi Gong, and none is more important than Qi Gong for the Three Treasures. In our previous two blog posts we discussed how Qi Gong can bring greater alignment between mind, body, and spirit. Today we will review the key elements of the Three Treasures, and further explore the real-world benefits of the practice in everyday life.

A Brief Review: Integration and Alignment


There’s a lot going on inside us all, and making sense of our entire being is a difficult task. You’d be hard-pressed to find a person who is never confused about their thoughts, feelings, or health. Oftentimes, disharmony within ourselves is caused when our mind, body, or spirit is out of alignment with the rest of our beings. We all know what it feels like to have various parts of ourselves pulling us in different directions.


Delving deeper, we learn that the mind, body, and spirit each have their own unique kind of energy, or Qi. Jing, Qi, and Shen, reside in the Lower, Middle, and Upper Tan Tiens, respectively, and represent the energies of the body, mind, and spirit. When a person is in full alignment, Jing, Qi, and Shen flow effortlessly throughout the Microcosmic Orbit, which is a central pathway for energy throughout the body. Each energy within the body supports and cultivates the others. Qi Gong for the Three Treasures helps to release blockages and increase the fluid flow of energy throughout the Microcosmic Orbit, bringing greater integration and alignment between all parts.

How Qi Gong for the Three Treasures Impacts Everyday Life


On occasion, a first time Qi Gong student will tell their teacher, “I don’t believe in Qi!” The Qi Gong instructor may choose to respond: “Ok. Well, do you believe you’re alive?” Qi is simply the life force energy that makes life possible. Similarly, it is the animating power behind every thought, emotion, and breath. There’s nothing wrong with questioning Qi Gong, and it’s important to pay attention to the real-world impact that Qi Gong can deliver in your day-to-day life. How we work with our Qi will determine all aspects of our well being. So, what are some important ways that Qi Gong for the Three Treasures can impact your life?


Just as Qi is not something tangible that you can touch, your life’s meaning is something that can only be experienced through consciousness, but it has a very profound effect on your emotional clarity and overall well-being. It is obvious when you are in alignment with your purpose and when you’re feeling lost. Qi Gong for the Three Treasures can help you strengthen your connection with the Tao in order to live in alignment with your highest truth. In daily life, this translates into greater clarity surrounding important decisions, ranging from what work you choose to do, to who you want to spend your time with. Sometimes, we can get distracted and lose alignment with our higher truth. In some cases, a person’s lack of attunement to their higher truth can lead them to value money or material possessions over love or health. Qi Gong for the Three Treasures is an invaluable tool to connecting with the Tao to guide our values, decisions, and the day-to-day actions that determine our path. We all need to be in alignment with our higher purpose in order to enjoy fulfillment, however simple or complex that purpose may be.


Emotional balance is another essential benefit of Qi Gong for the Three Treasures, as body, mind, and spirit can each be used to support the others. We don’t have to look very far to see how body and emotions affect one another: When you’re feeling sad, your posture shrinks and closes off to the world. When you’re happy, you’re open and smiling. In this example, the energy of the emotions are guiding the body, but conscious practitioners know how to use this connection for their benefit. Just as emotions inform physicality, Qi Gong postures and movements can be used to channel powerful physical energy into emotional and spiritual clarity. The result is a feeling of emotional positivity and alignment with purpose. In Qi Gong terms, practitioners can use Jing to enhance Qi and Shen via the Microcosmic Orbit. Many people mistake Qi Gong as purely being a movement practice, when in reality it’s a practice to support the energy of who we are. Through meditative movements, we can use the body’s vital energy to support emotional balance and clarity.


Throughout life, the benefits of cultivating and integrating the Three Treasures are endless. As you begin to practice Qi Gong on a more regular basis, you become more and more sensitive to the energies of the body in each moment. Greater awareness of self means that you’re better equipped to deal with the internal and external challenges that you encounter in everyday life. Instead of reacting with anger to an aggressive driver, perhaps you’ll be able to observe your reactive anger energy, and then let it go rather than hold onto it. Instead of holding stress, maybe you’ll be able to recognize the energy and replace it with positive vitality. Beyond these immediately observable transformations that Qi Gong can bring, the practice can be an excellent tool for long-term health and energy. Practicing Qi Gong doesn’t mean you’ll automatically rise above all of life’s suffering, but it can be a great way to deal with the challenges that we all inevitably face.

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