Relationship with Nature

Even though humans are a part of nature, we sometimes lose touch with the world around us. Instead of respecting and revering Earth’s beauty, our perceived separateness can cause us to engage in destructive behaviors that harm our planet’s precious resources. However, each of us has the opportunity to develop a healthier relationship with nature.

This blog discusses how Qi Gong can help us cultivate deeper relationships with the natural world while experiencing greater harmony within.

Connecting With The Energies of Nature

There’s a foundational principle in Qi Gong that humans are a part of nature. As such, many of Qi Gong practices focus on connecting to the various forces that the natural world has to offer. In turn, this helps us deepen our relationship to the world around us.

We connect with the Water Element to find flow and flexibility. We connect with the Fire Element to find flow and flexibility. And when we’re seeking stability and groundedness, we connect with the Earth Element.

These are just a few examples, but there are countless ways in which we can cultivate the abundance of wisdom that nature offers. 

When we see nature’s energy within us, we realize that nature isn’t a separate entity but that we are nature and can cultivate the same gifts that make our world so beautiful.

Our lives become more enriched and exciting when we embrace our interconnectedness to the natural world. Qi Gong helps us become aware that we’re intimately connected to everything we see. Instead of seeing trees as inanimate objects, we can begin to see them as teachers of strength and resilience. When we watch the sunset, we learn to appreciate the miraculous dance between Yin and Yang energy, which also happens within us.

Cultivating a Healthier Relationship with Nature and Ourselves

When distinct elements find balance and synchronicity, they achieve harmony. Using Qi Gong to connect with nature helps us experience the same sense of harmony and balance for ourselves. When this energy flourishes within us, it can help us overcome inner blockages that cause things like emotional imbalances, mental stress, and even physical ailments.

This experience affects more than just our relationship with the world around us. Cultivating a deeper relationship with nature also helps us find greater harmony within ourselves.  

Nature teaches us to find synchronicity among our thoughts, feelings, and physical bodies. Achieving this promotes a greater sense of self-acceptance, inner peace, and emotional clarity, impacting nearly every aspect of our lives.

Cultivating Positive Habits and Actions

Each action we take begins with an internal process. It’s much easier to engage in positive actions when we’re operating from a place of compassion and peace.

Qi Gong is doesn’t only benefit us while we’re physically practicing. It also provides us with clarity and inner strength to help us live the lives we aspire to live while remaining committed to our values.

When it comes to our relationship with nature, we can channel the principles of Qi Gong to make thoughtful decisions about what (and how) we consume, such as recycling, or reducing our energy consumption. 

Each of our actions impacts our beautiful planet, whether good or bad. Although none of us can single-handedly stop all destructive behaviors, we can still make individual choices that bring us closer to harmony. Practicing Qi Gong is a way we can continuously deepen our appreciation and connection to the natural world.

Practice Qi Gong Outside

When you take a walk outside, it’s easy to feel the presence of nature around you. When you practice Qi Gong outside, that feeling is amplified.

Qi Gong is an excellent way to achieve heightened awareness and a greater appreciation of the natural world. In fact, Lee recommends practicing Qi Gong outside anytime you have the chance. The next time you’re out on a hike, stop to fit in a Qi Gong session along the way. Or simply step outside to your backyard or head over to a nearby park for your next Qi Gong practice.

When you’re surrounded by nature, its nourishing energy naturally flow throughout your entire being, bringing vitality to your mind and body. 

Give Qi Gong a Try 

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