You probably already know how powerful and transformative Qi Gong can be!

Maybe you’ve only tried one or two of Lee’s classes, or perhaps you attend all of his workshops and immersion programs. Whatever your level of experience may be, you know that Qi Gong has far-reaching potential for every person who has the chance to practice…

And we all love to help those we care about! This blog post will discuss some of the most important reasons to share Qi Gong with friends and family.

Synergy – The Art of Magnifying Qi


Synergy happens when two or more entities combine to create an effect that is greater than the sum of their separate parts. This sounds complicated but it’s really not. In Qi Gong, this means that if two people practice together, they’ll both have a better experience than if they were each practicing alone.

Qi Gong is based on working with our internal life force energy. When we practice with another person (or several other people) our energies feed off one another and we experience a magnified expression of Qi. Have you ever noticed that in one of Lee’s classes the whole room seems to be filled with Qi? When this happens, the practice of the group supports each individual. Therefore, when you share Qi Gong with others, everyone has a better experience.

Qi Gong Opens Up Another World of Connection and Relating


Sharing Qi Gong with loved ones also helps nurture intimacy and closeness with those you care about. Qi Gong opens up the energy channels in our bodies and helps us find our place of true authenticity. Even though few or no words may be communicated during a Qi Gong session, we still experience an unusually clear feeling of connection and appreciation. This is similar to the synergistic relationship we talked about above, except that it also includes the growth that happens between people, not just within an individual.

Entering a Qi Gong practice with another person is like stepping into another world of connection and relating. Typically, we communicate with others by speaking, looking, or touching. In Qi Gong, we become sensitive to the subtlest energy that flows through and between us. Even if each person is doing their own practice, there’s a strong sense of mutual appreciation and togetherness that is shared.

With several people practicing together, this experience is magnified to create a strong sense of cooperation and community. This can be especially powerful for groups of people who already know each other well. The energetic foundation that is built through Qi Gong often translates into greater understanding and communication within the community that practices it.

Make a Difference in Someone Else’s Life


Of course, one of the best reasons for sharing Qi Gong with another person is so they can experience the same joy that you do from the wonderful practice! Sometimes, just giving someone a Qi Gong program that’s a good fit for them is all you need to do (more about this below). Once your friend or family member discovers Qi Gong for themselves, they’ll have something that they can continue to grow with forever into the future.

Helping someone find Qi Gong is a beautiful gift. You’ll be able to support them as they continue to learn, and also learn from them as they continue to progress. We can all benefit from improved health, and Qi Gong nourishes us mentally, emotionally, and physically.

If your loved one is wrestling with stress or anxiety, Qi Gong may give them the skills they are looking for. If they have a specific ailment that needs attention, Qi Gong offers a powerful, alternative option for many common challenges. Whatever someone’s individual path consists of, there’s something that Qi Gong has to offer.

You Learn By Sharing


Of course, another reason to share Qi Gong with others is for your own personal growth and fulfillment! Sharing and giving to others is one of the best ways to cultivate the positive qualities that Qi Gong teaches. Joy and compassion come when we help others, and Qi Gong is a powerful way positively affect those you care about.

In addition, sharing Qi Gong with others gives your own practice an inspiring boost of energy. Giving Qi Gong to another person prompts you to look deeper into your own practice and seek new lessons. There’s a camaraderie that fellow practitioners feel with one another, and the people you introduce to Qi Gong will soon have their own inspirations that they’ll be eager to share with you. Your intention to teach others will also lead to your own growth and fulfillment.

The Best Way Share


At Holden QiGong, we have an excellent selection of gifts that are perfect for introducing loved ones to the practice of Qi Gong.

However, we know that it isn’t always easy to understand what each person in your life might want. Therefore, we’ve created a Holiday Gift Guide to make it simple for you to identify the right gifts for each of your loved ones. Whether you’re shopping for a total beginner or an enthusiastic practitioner, our gift guide makes it clear what each person would appreciate.

Qi Gong is a gift that continues to give to both yourself as well as those you share it with. Click here to check out our gift ideas for those you care about.

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By Ian Drogin