Elevate Your Relationships

Qi Gong is more than a movement practice that you do at home. Rather, it’s a way of life that informs how you show up in all of your daily activities. Whether you’re preparing a meal or enjoying a conversation, you can always seek to channel the principles of Qi Gong to experience greater inner peace and elevate your relationships.

In this blog post, we share three simple ways to apply the wisdom of Qi Gong in one of the most important aspects of your life—your relationships.

How Can Qi Gong Help You Elevate Your Relationships?

In Qi Gong, practitioners cultivate their life-force energy (Qi) to experience improved states of health and vitality. Often, this is accomplished through a combination of slow movement exercises and meditation.

Energy is also cultivated in relationships, but the medium is slightly different. Instead of movement and meditation, the most common way to cultivate energy in relationships is through conversation.

Generally, when conversations are done skillfully, everyone involved feels good. If you think back to a positive interaction you had recently, you’ll likely recall feelings of inspiration, gratitude, or love. 

Sometimes, ‘energy-boosting’ conversations happen with ease. At other times, they can require a bit of effort and skill.

Below, we’ve included Lee’s three tips for sharing and elevating Qi in all of your relationships.

1. Orient Toward Gratitude

There’s an important principle in Qi Gong: Qi flows where the mind goes. 

This principle is what makes your thoughts so powerful. If you’re constantly focusing on everything that’s “wrong” in your life, your emotional and physical energy follows. Often, negative thinking patterns lead to anger, frustration, fatigue, and even depression. 

On the other hand, when you pay attention to the beauty that’s in your life, your entire being is uplifted. Typically, this includes experiencing feelings of gratitude, inspiration, and increased energy.

To apply this principle in conversations, all you need to do is ask questions that direct the conversation toward things that evoke gratitude. 

One ‘gratitude evoking’ question could be, “What is the most exciting thing that happened to you this week?” Another one is, “What’s something helpful that you learned recently?” And of course, you can always ask, “What are you most grateful for today?”

Questions like these help bring awareness to all of the wonderful gifts present in our lives. In doing so, everyone gets to experience the uplifting energetic shift that gratitude brings.

2. Ask Thoughtful Questions About the Future

In addition to cultivating gratitude for the past, you can also seek to harness inspiration for the future. 

Just as the mind has a tendency to tell self-defeating stories about the past, it also has an inclination to worry about the future. We all know that thinking about all the “what ifs” leads to a state of stress and anxiety.

To help cultivate an empowering outlook toward the future, you can seek to ask questions that bring awareness to all of the possibilities and opportunities that the future holds. For example, perhaps ask, “What are you most looking forward to this year?” Or, “What are your goals for the coming year?” 

When conversations orient around opportunities and goals, it becomes easier to experience inspiration and a feeling of personal empowerment. 

It’s important to note that although it’s wise to be intentional in how you direct conversations, that doesn’t mean you should ignore challenges. If pain, sadness, or other difficult feelings are present, it’s important to hold space for yourself or others. Just like in Qi Gong, it’s wise to acknowledge stagnant energy, and then release and let it go in a healthy way.

3. Share Qi Gong

A third way to help elevate your relationships is to… share Qi Gong. 

If you feel that a friend or family member could benefit from Qi Gong, you may want to consider introducing them to the practice. This could include offering to show them one of Lee’s classes, or it could be as simple as teaching them one or two exercises for activating energy or releasing stress.

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