Inner Vision Meditation

Spring is the season for growth, inspiration, and renewed vision. In nature, these qualities are reflected in colorful meadows, luscious forests, and in the playful curiosity of newborn animals. As humans, we can channel this potent energy to fuel our creativity and inner vision for the future.

In this blog, we share a guided meditation to help you harness the power of your inner vision. We also discuss why spring is the perfect time to cultivate clarity, creativity, and resilience.

How to Cultivate the Gifts of Spring

Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong teach us that the Wood Element is associated with the season of spring and embodies the qualities of resilience, creativity, and vision.

To be resilient, you must be strong yet flexible, similar to a tree. If you walk through a forest, it’s easy to recognize the profound strength of the trees around you. With deep roots and wide trunks, trees are some of the mightiest living organisms on earth.  

In addition to their strength, trees are also extremely flexible. Imagine a tall tree standing in a windy meadow. With each gust of wind, the tree moves and sways as it dances in the wind. 

This combination of strength and flexibility, which we call resilience, allows trees to stand for hundreds or even thousands of years. As humans, we may not be around quite that long, but we can still live healthier, more vibrant lives by channeling the wisdom that trees offer. 

The season of spring is also associated with renewed inner vision and creativity. Just as plants and animals express themselves in new and creative ways during spring, you too can use the season’s energy to grow and evolve. This can include learning new skills, embarking on new professional journeys, or establishing a new direction for your future. 

Vision is an important part of growth and progress. When you’re able to envision what you want to create, your energy starts to align with your vision. This empowers you to move forward with greater strength and confidence. 

Here is a brief guided meditation to help you gain greater clarity and confidence in your inner vision. You can think of this meditation as a practice for planting ‘mental seeds of intention’. Like all of our meditations, we suggest that you read through the instructions before you begin.

Guided Meditation to Harness Inner Vision

Start by sitting or lying in a comfortable and relaxed position. Once you are comfortable, begin by taking slow, deep breaths. As you breathe, try to focus your mind on each inhale and exhale. Feel yourself becoming more present with each breath. 

When you’re ready, imagine what you want to create. Your vision can relate to your relationships, your health, your work, or simply a feeling that you want to experience. 

Whatever it is, hold your vision with as much detail as possible. What do your intentions look like visually? Are there any colors that stand out in your imagination? 

In addition to imagining the visual scene, you might also try to envision the sounds, smells, and physical sensations associated with your intention. Try to imagine it with as much detail as you can so your vision is as vivid as possible. 

As you hold your vision in your mind, you will feel as if it’s happening in the present moment. Your vision isn’t some distant possibility, but instead, a wonderful experience happening right now. Let your entire body align with your vision and feel your mind releasing any limiting beliefs that stand between you and your intentions. 

Continue this meditation for as long as you would like. By focusing on your vision for several minutes, it becomes stronger and more powerful in your mind. 

When you’re ready, give yourself a little smile, open your eyes, and take that feeling of clarity and confidence with you into the rest of your day.

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