At the time of writing this, more than 100,000 students have gone through our popular Qi Challenge. 

Some participants were seeking a way to experience less stress in their daily life, and that’s exactly what they got. Others wanted to improve their overall wellbeing, and they too weren’t disappointed. And then there were the people who had no idea what they were looking for but just wanted to try something new. Many of them experienced a powerful transformation that would forever change their lives.

While there are millions of reasons why our students decide to try the Qi Challenge, there are a few that are true for almost everyone. We decided to share eight of the most common reasons people decide to sign-up and give the Qi Challenge a try…

 1. Reduce Stress

Time and time again, students report that Qi Gong reduces stress. The amazing thing is that you don’t even need to practice for very long in order to experience this benefit. Even just a few minutes per day can melt away your worries and recharge your mind.

When you practice Qi Gong, your body’s nervous system shifts from a sympathetic to a parasympathetic state. In layman’s terms, this means that instead of being on edge and reactive to what’s going on around you, your body and mind are able to enter a relaxed and calm state of being.

Not only does letting go of stress feel good emotionally, there are also numerous health benefits associated with it.

2. More Energy

Letting go of stress leads to one natural outcome—you have more energy to direct toward the things that truly matter.

When your mind is preoccupied with thinking and worrying about all the “what if’s” in life, it’s hard to feel energized and alive in the present moment. Over the course of your day, stress can build upon itself and lead to feeling depleted and tired. 

By using Qi Gong to overcome stress, your body experiences an abundance of liberated energy.

Additionally, Qi Gong helps to activate parts of yourself that may have been stagnant and inactive. By doing so, you’re able to experience a consistent and steady flow of energy throughout your entire being. And unlike coffee, the energy from Qi Gong doesn’t lead to a crash later on.

3. Release Pain

Just as Qi Gong can help you to let go of stress, it can also help with releasing pain in the body.

Pain is interesting. While it’s easy to have a negative feeling of pain, it’s actually there to be your guide. It helps you to understand what parts of yourself need some extra attention in order for you to be healthy and well. 

In Qi Gong, you learn how to overcome blockages and circulate energy throughout all parts of your body, including those experiencing discomfort. Often a few simple exercises can lead to a significant reduction in pain, including lower back pain. Sometimes, the pain has been there for weeks or even months.

In our community, there are many practitioners who have found great healing and relief from pain through Qi Gong. 

4. More Joy 

In Qi Gong, you learn how to “tune in” to the energies within yourself that you wish to experience. This allows you to feel more joy throughout life. 

Lee sometimes talks about how human attention is like the dial on an old fashion radio. Just like the knob on a radio, you can move your attention away from stress-producing thoughts (e.g. “bad music”) and direct it to thoughts that bring joy and love (e.g. “good music”). 

In other words, Qi Gong helps you to become more skillful in being the orchestrator of your own consciousness. The energy of joy already exists inside you. Qi Gong can help you access it more freely.

5. Emotional Balance

While Qi Gong is great for maximizing joy, it can also help you process challenging emotions in a healthy and constructive way. By doing so, you can experience greater emotional balance within your life.

In Qi Gong, you learn how to face difficult internal (and external) experiences without letting them overwhelm you. This allows you to fully process whatever is going on without holding onto thoughts and feelings that don’t serve you. 

By learning how to relate to your feelings in a healthy way, Qi Gong essentially allows you to become your own best therapist. Whenever a difficult situation arises, you’ll have powerful tools to navigate the process.

6. Community

When you join the Qi Challenge, you’ll immediately become part of a community of like-minded practitioners who all share the same positive intentions. Not only does this make the experience more fun and exciting, but it also provides added inspiration and motivation.

Just as a vacation or adventure is usually more enjoyable when shared with others, the Qi Challenge community is an important part of the journey. Within our Facebook group, you’ll encounter all kinds of inspiration and encouragement from other practitioners, as well as the Holden QiGong team.

For many, being able to support and be supported is one of the most important elements of the practice. The Qi Challenge provides you with the opportunity to experience that magic. 

7. Overall Health and Wellness

Like healthy food, we could talk forever about each individual benefit of Qi Gong (there are a lot). However, let’s just say that daily practice has a significant and positive impact on your overall health and wellbeing. 

For a lot of former Qi Challenge participants, Qi Gong has become a foundational part of their day. It’s a way to recharge, return to center, and process the numerous experiences that life offers on a daily basis. 

Having a consistent and reliable practice that you perform each morning or evening really adds a true sense of stability and strength to your life as a whole. Not to mention, Qi Gong is a great source of physical exercise.

8. Only Requires 20 Minutes Per Day  

Because of how powerful and transformational the Qi Challenge truly is, some are surprised that it only takes twenty minutes per day! 

Twenty minutes… that’s all! 

That’s less than the time it takes most people to drive to work. Or, less than the time required to go on a run or do a yoga class. 

Basically, twenty minutes is not a lot of time, but the benefits you experience from those twenty minutes can be huge! The worst-case scenario is finding out that Qi Gong isn’t for you. The best-case scenario is discovering a path that can transform your life and empower your future.

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