Qi Gong for Health and Longevity

Qi Gong is an ancient practice of health, energy, and vitality from China, and is the most widely followed form of exercise in the world, with 80 million people taking part every day. Qi signifies energy and aliveness. Gong means skill.  Qi Gong is the skill of working with energy – the energy of your body mind, and emotions.  

What is the true cause of low energy, disease, decreased immune function and overall imbalance?  Both Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine point to mental and emotional stress.  Qi Gong is a form of mindful movement where you learn to release stress and recharge your body. 

Qi Gong mirrors the movements of nature and activates the natural healing power within.  Through the proper movements, stretches, breathing exercises and flows, you can take charge your health and healing.  

Join Master teacher Lee Holden in a daylong workshop where you’ll learn how to “add not only years to your life, but life to your years.” The workshop will include gentle movements, discussions and guided meditations/visualizations to:

• Transform stress into vitality
• Understand the true cause of aging from an energy healing perspective
• Boost internal energy
• Learn the 5 essential flowing exercises for health and longevity

UPCOMING EVENTS - Qi Gong for Health and Longevity