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30-Day Challenge

This series of quick, simple 7-minute routines is designed to cut your stress levels and boost your energy as efficiently as possible. Anybody can find 7 minutes, and that’s long enough to shift you out of that “fight or flight” stress mode. After 30 days you’ll have built a healthy habit that helps you improve your mood, clear stress and tension, and recharge quickly and easily every day.
It’s also a perfect way to introduce someone you care about to Qi Gong.

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Video Class Subscription

Learn Qi Gong wherever you are, at your most convenient time, on any device you choose. Students in our ongoing online classes get access to 8 – 12 brand new classes every month. You also get free bonus classes, and deep discounts on upcoming workshops.

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Guided Healing Meditations

All medicine works by unlocking your body’s natural healing power, and this course is no different. By spending 15 minutes, or more, each day with Lee’s guided meditations, you will open your energy channels and allow your natural healing powers to manifest. Click the link below to learn more about the course and sign up.

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The Healing Sounds Course

Remove Toxins From the Physical Body, Unlock Your Natural Ability to Heal Yourself, and Transform Stress into Vital Life-Force Energy. In this practice, you will learn how to use six specific sound frequencies that cleanse your body of negative or stagnant Qi. They are excellent for treating muscular injuries, tonifying the organs, and releasing harmful toxins from the body.

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