Tier 2 Holden QiGong Teacher Certification

Take the Next Step in your holden QiGong Teacher Training

Become A Tier 2 Certified Advanced Holden QiGong Teacher

Tier 2 Requirements: 500 Hours

Builds On Tier 1 Certification – you need an additional 300 hours of training to become an Advanced Teacher.

Immersion Program: Tao Yin – you must complete this program either online or in person. (40 hours)

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Immersion Program: Taoist Inner Alchemy – Part 1: Pearl of Consciousness – you must complete this program either online or in person. (40 hours)

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Advanced Teacher Training Week – you must attend a week-long Advanced Teacher Training in person. (40 hours)

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100 Hours of Teaching – documented hours teaching as a Certified Holden QiGong Teacher. (100 hours)

Personal Practice and Additional Training – using the Holden QiGong programs of your choice, including: Immersion Programs (including repeating any program at half price), Tao Yin, Buddha Palm, Iron Shirt, Five Animal Frolics, Inner Alchemy: Pearl of Consciousness, and/or Video Class Subscription (up to 40 hours). (For a total of 80+ hours)

Rights and Responsibilities

Use Your Title – you have the right to call yourself a “Certified Advanced Holden QiGong Teacher” verbally, in your teaching, and in print or online, including marketing and other materials.

Teach More Movements and Meditations – you have the right to begin teaching a wider array of Holden QiGong techniques and methods. Start to develop your own style by focusing on what interests you the most.

Designation on HoldenQiGong.com – we’ll prominently mark your listing on our website as an Advanced teacher.

Maintaining Your Certification – you have the responsibility to continue your training by adding at least 20 hours of Live/Online Trainings every 2 years. Eligible trainings include: Live Workshops/Events, live teaching of online courses, in-person retreats. If you maintain an active Video Class Subscription for at least one of those two years, you may count 10 hours towards your total of 20 hours.

Tao Yin Immersion

In this Immersion we will cover…


Flowing Stretch Sequences

These have a profoundly relaxing “unlocking” effect on the body, especially the lower back.


Pressure Point Self-Massage

Learning to massage the light switches of the body brings you healing, relaxation, and more energy.


Breathing Exercises

We explore the Taoist ways of breathing, and work this into Qi Gong practices to build power.


Mental Intent

A big part of Tao Yin is manifestation: focusing clearly on what you are working toward and setting intentions.

Taoist Internal Alchemy – Part 1:
Pearl of Consciousness

In this Immersion we will cover…


Postures of Power

You’ll use these standing postures to build and store Qi in the lower Tan Tien, the seat of the Pearl of Consciousness, and circulate it through the meridians.


Inner Alchemy Meditation

You will build this Pearl of Consciousness and pack it with Qi, as you begin to sense how you’re independent of the physical aspect of your being.


Fusion of the Five Elements meditation

Discover how you can bring Qi in from all elements of the environment, and pull this into your Tan Tien for more grounding and inner strength.


Taoist Shamanism

Discovering the Taoists’ relationship with nature, life, and death will help bring you into harmonious relations with the world around us.


Intermediate Qi Gong Flows

Taking another level of detail in the principles of flow and their application in flowing movements, so you can fine-tune your practice.

Advanced Teacher Training Week

In this Immersion we will cover…


Enhance your personal Qi Gong practice

Go deeper in The Five Elements and The Three Treasures practice and theory.

Build your Qi Gong business

Discover how your passion for practicing Qi Gong can turn into a viable business.

Learn how to teach to various groups

Discover how to teach at health and fitness clubs, yoga centers, corporations, host your own workshops and teach students one on one.

Break-out sessions with specific topics

You’ll have the opportunity for mastermind sessions and small group sessions on specific topics.

Get that transmission from Lee

Immerse yourself in the energy of the retreat for transformational learning.

Learn from experts in the field

Including Leta Jusilla, Tony Galin, John Platt, Ben Cox and Karen Holden.

Break through internal limitations

We all have internal limitations and upper limits in our beliefs, our minds as well as old programming. Break through internal limiting factors that hold you back from reaching your potential.

Informational learning - get all of your questions answered

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start logging 80 hours of Personal Practice for Tier 2?

Tier 2 Teacher Trainees can begin logging their personal practice hours as soon as they decide that they are continuing their teaching journey in Holden QiGong and have enrolled in either of the Tier 2 training requirements: Tao Yin or Taoist Inner Alchemy: Pearl of Consciousness. .

What are the guidelines around Tier 2 Personal Practice

Personal Practice for Tier 2 includes practicing along with Lee’s instruction in the Holden QiGong programs of your choice including workshop and online courses such as Tao Yin, Buddha Palm, Iron Shirt, Five Animal Frolics, Inner Alchemy: Pearl of Consciousness, and/or Video Class Subscription (up to 40 hours). (80+ hours)

*Lectures, Q&As, and Masterclasses can not count toward Personal Practice

What can count towards the 100 hours of Tier 2 Practice Teaching? Can I charge for the Tier 2 Practice Teaching hours?

Tier 2 Practice Teaching consists of 100 hours of teaching Holden QiGong-style classes learned in Tier 1 training while also applying the new movements and meditations of your Tier 2 training.

Yes, already Tier 1 Certified Holden QiGong Instructors can charge for teaching classes.

When can I start Practice Teaching for my Tier 2 certification?

Logging your Practice Teaching hours can begin after you have enrolled and begun your Tier 2 training. Lee and the Holden QiGong team encourage you to dive into the more advanced practices of Tier 2 along with your Tier 1 material to help understand and assimilate the practices so that you can teach with confidence.

To become a Tier 2 instructor do I need to meet with a 1:1 coach?

No, It is not required to meet with a Holden QiGong coach to be certified.

Will there be advanced masterclasses and Q&As with Lee specifically for Tier 2 teacher trainees?

No. At this time the masterclass and monthly Q&As with Lee include all Tier 1 and Tier 2 teacher trainees combined so that all levels are invited to ask questions directly to Lee for the benefit of all.

Can the live teaching of my Tier 2 Teacher Training courses count as maintenance hours, too?

Yes, Tao Yin and/or Taoist Internal Alchemy can count towards your 20 hours of maintenance to retain your Holden QiGong Certification.

Can I use the same log templates from Tier 1?

Yes, Please use the same offered templates to log both your Tier 2 Practice Teaching and Tier 2 Personal Practice Hours. All we ask is that the new template is specifically designated towards Tier 2 logs with it clearly labeled as “Tier 2 Personal Practice Log” and “Tier 2 Practice Teaching Log.” Both Logs should include dates, description of classes, length of practice, and for the Practice Teaching Log, remember to include who you practice taught, “Who were your students?”

Are there quizzes in Tier 2?

No, unlike Tier 1, there are no quizzes administered at this time.

Is there a final exam in Tier 2?

No, unlike Tier 1, a final exam is not administered at this time.

Do I have to submit a final Tier 2 Demo Video?

No, submission of a demo video is not required to be Tier 2 certified at this time.

How do I get evaluated for final Tier 2 Certification?

You’ll join Lee in person along with your fellow classmates for the Advanced Teacher Training Week.

Are scholarships available for the courses of Tier 2 training?

We do not offer scholarships or discounts, however, we offer three different payment options:

Pay in full (Best value): $1197 USD

Pay in 3 Payments: Three Payments of $427 USD

Pay in 12 payments: 12 Payments of $117 USD

Is there a deadline when completing Tier 2?

Tier 2 is self-paced and trainees are invited to go at their own pace to fully embody the Tier 2 material as well as work the training into lifestyles in an individualistic manner.

What are your requirements for maintaining certification for Tier 2?

Similar to the Tier 1 certification maintenance, you have the responsibility to continue your training by adding at least 20 hours of Live/Online Training every 2 years. Eligible trainings include Live Workshops, Live Online Courses, or In-Person Retreats. If you maintain an active Video Class Subscription for at least one of those two years, you may count 10 hours towards your total of 20 hours.

I am a Tier 1 Grad. Do I need to complete Tier 2?

No, You do not need to complete Tier 2 training. The decision to progress to Tier 2 is completely optional.

Will a Tier 2 course be added to my account like Tier 1?

Unlike the Teacher Certification Program where both the Five Elements and Three Treasures online courses are housed inside one course, the tier 2 courses are stand-alone courses. When you purchase the course it will appear in your student account separately with its own individual curriculum and modules of study and practice.