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Qi Gong for the Low Back

Learn How to Immediately Relieve Low Back Pain

In Qi Gong for the Low Back You Will…

  • – Use soft, flowing, water-like movements to gently release tightness, tension, and pain in the low back.
  • – Learn simple but highly effective Qi Gong exercises to quickly release low back pain so you can immediately relieve pain in your low back whenever you need to.
  • – Leading a sedentary lifestyle, having poor posture, and lifting without proper form are the most common causes of low back pain. You’ll learn how to counteract each of them.
  • – Learn how to relieve and even reverse years of wear and tear on your back resulting in chronic, unrelenting back pain.
  • – Discover how to increase your balance, strength, and level of energy with simple, easy-to-follow movements anybody can use.

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