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The Five Elements

Five Elements Immersion – What We’ll Cover

Qi Gong Basics – how to build a solid understanding of what Qi Gong is and where it fits into the world of Chinese Medicine

History of Qi Gong – dating back thousands of years, Qi Gong has a deep, rich history leading to a very highly-evolved system

Taoist Philosophy – discover the principles of flow, deep harmony with nature, the art of effortless action, and more

Qi Gong Practice – Qi Gong Stretching, Qi Gong Flow, Qi Gong Postures, and Energy Enlivening Warm-Ups

Styles of Qi Gong – discover the difference between Medical, Spiritual, and Martial Qi Gong, and why it matters

Five Element Theory – learn one of the core principles of Chinese Medicine, and how to apply this to daily life

Inner Smile – feel the energy of each organ systems, and learn this blissful meditation to bring yourself healing energy

Healing Sounds – physical, emotional, and spiritual; practice transforming negative emotions into their positive counterparts

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