Sun Meditation


Have you ever noticed how stepping outside on a bright sunny day infuses you with energy? Even from millions of miles away, the sun’s rays have the power to transform your mind and nurture your entire being. In fact, life wouldn’t be possible on Earth without the sun’s constant nourishment and support. 

In this blog, we discuss the sun’s energetic qualities from a Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong perspective. We’ll also share a simple yet powerful Qi gong visualization exercise to help you harness the sun’s Yang energy so you can experience more joy, inspiration, and health in everyday life. 

The Sun and Yang Energy

In order to fully appreciate the power of the sun, it’s important to understand the principle of Yin and Yang. 

In Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong, Yin and Yang refer to two opposite yet interconnected energies that exist everywhere throughout nature. Yin is associated with cold, stillness, passivity, receptivity, and femininity. Yang, on the other hand, is associated with heat, activity, assertiveness, and masculinity.

Together, Yin and Yang are the forces of creation. All living beings require both Yin and Yang energies for their existence to be possible. In fact, in Chinese Medicine, death is the process by which Yin and Yang become separated. 

In our solar system, the sun is the ultimate source of Yang energy, and Earth is Yin. All life on Earth stems from these two forces blending together.

Plants are a clear example of this process. Through photosynthesis, plant leaves transform sunlight into usable nourishment, which blends with nutrients from Earth’s soil. Together, the sun and Earth (Yang and Yin) allow flora to grow abundantly on our planet’s surface. Humans and animals consume plants, taking in the Sun and Earth’s alchemy of Yin and Yang energy. 

In addition to the chemical process of harnessing the sun’s Yang through photosynthesis and digestion, there’s an energetic component to this process as well.

When you learn how to cultivate Yang energy from the sun, you experience more joy, inspiration, and excitement for life. For thousands of years, this was known by Taoist practitioners, but now there’s significant scientific evidence that sunlight is a critical element for mental, emotional, and physical health. For example, getting sunlight early in the day is known to improve your mood, energy levels, and focus.   

Although the following Qi Gong visualization is simple, it’s extremely powerful for helping you experience greater joy, focus, and a feeling of aliveness. We recommend reading through the instructions before you begin to get the most out of this visualization.

Qi Gong Visualization Exercise to Cultivate Yang Energy from the Sun

You can do this visualization exercise any time during the day, but master Qi Gong teacher Lee Holden recommends doing it around sunrise or sunset. 

Start by standing and facing the sun. If you aren’t able to stand, you can sit upright in a chair with your feet planted on the ground. Place your hands by your side and let your forefinger touch your thumb.

When looking in the general direction of the sun, it’s best to look off to the side to avoid irritating your eyes. Use your senses as your guide and do what feels comfortable for your eyes.  

Once you’re in a comfortable position facing the sun, take some slow, deep breaths. Try to relax your body and let go of any thoughts that arise as you breathe. Feel the sun’s warm rays on your skin.

After a minute or two, imagine the sunlight shining through your body, infusing your being with healing energy and nourishment. Continue breathing and feel that sunlight moving through you and gathering in your belly. With each breath, more sunlight channels through your body and flows to your belly. 

Keep breathing and feel the sunlight gathering and becoming stronger within you. Visualize it growing into a golden ball of light that shines outward to the rest of your body. Feel it shine through your legs, chest, arms, neck, and into your head. As the sunlight moves, feel it invigorate you with joy, inspiration, and health. 

Continue doing this exercise as long as you’d like. When you’re done, smile at your golden ball of sunlight and take that feeling with you into the rest of your day.

If you enjoyed this brief visualization, we have an opportunity for you to discover more nourishing exercises to boost your internal energy.

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