Self-care practices are becoming increasingly popular in the west! More and more, people are learning the value of cultivating their own personal routine for health and happiness. Work, family, and life in general put people under enormous pressure, and many are realizing they need something more to thrive and be happy.

We’re at a point where individuals are searching for new ways to take control of their own well-being, and there’s no better time to become a Qi Gong teacher. The list is endless, but this blog post will explore five common reasons that people choose to become Qi Gong teachers.

1. Share your practice with others:


If you’re already a regular Qi Gong practitioner, you know how amazing it is in so many ways. Many who start practicing Qi Gong couldn’t imagine NOT practicing.

Wouldn’t you love being able to share your practice with others? Being a teacher allows you to spread the magic to friends, partners, family, loved ones, and strangers. Qi Gong quickly connects people on a deep level, opening individuals both internally, and within a community. Some Qi Gong teachers choose to share their practice only with those they’re close with, and that’s great! We all love helping our loved ones, and finding more ways to connect on a deep level. Others choose to teach in their community, spreading their Qi far and wide.

You never know who is going to walk away from your class with a life-changing experience. Whatever scale you choose to teach on, by becoming a teacher you’ll be in a unique position to share your practice and empower others.

2. Help heal the “Healthcare Crisis” by giving the power to the people:


We all know that western medicine focuses primarily on symptoms rather than the root causes of illness. Our medical system spends billions of dollars treating, but relatively little on preventative care. Insurance companies, governments, and large health institutions don’t do enough to keep people from getting sick.

There’s something very wrong with this!

As individuals, we need to take it upon ourselves to practice our own preventative medicine. The research is overwhelming that Qi Gong is excellent for your health. In many Chinese hospitals, Qi Gong isn’t even referred to as “alternative” medicine, but rather, is part of the primary treatment plan. In such hospitals, there is even a “Qi Gong” department… Just as radiology, pulmonary, and respiratory have their own departments within the hospital.

Can you imagine your American Doctor saying: “Go up to the third floor and speak with one of our Qi Gong specialists for your treatment plan”? Not going to happen in the near future… unless we start “prescribing” Qi Gong ourselves!

By helping others cultivate self-care practices, you are directly contributing to individual empowerment, while reducing society’s dependence on a broken healthcare system. Western medicine certainly has its place, but we need to do what we can to be our own best Doctor.

3. Help vulnerable populations:


There are people needing our help, and being a Qi Gong teacher puts you in a unique position to heal the planet.

Qi Gong has been found to be extremely effective for helping PTSD patients, as well as others with mental health conditions. Qi Gong helps to calm the nervous system, reducing the occurrence of mental health episodes in suffering patients. Additionally, it is completely non-invasive and has no side effects, making it a preferred option in many cases.

In addition, Qi Gong is a great tool for children and adolescents. By teaching children, you are empowering the most formative members of society with powerful tools for life success.

There is something very rewarding about offering true healing and empowerment to a wide spectrum of the population. Being a Qi Gong teacher enables you to do exactly that.

4. Provide an alternative (and addition) to yoga:


Yoga is a deeply nourishing and transformative practice. Many Qi Gong teachers have a rich Yoga background, but they find that Qi Gong supports them in ways that Yoga doesn’t. Many Yoga practitioners have never been exposed to Qi Gong, but would love the opportunity. There is an abundance of excellent Yoga teachers, but how many Qi Gong teachers do you know?

By offering Qi Gong, you’re able to provide another self-practice that touches people on a deep level. Many yoga practitioners find immediate interest in Qi Gong, so if you have access to a yoga community, you can truly provide a bridge to a new reality.

If you take a crowd of a hundred people who have never practiced Yoga or Qi Gong, many believe that Qi Gong has just as much appeal as Yoga. Why is Yoga dramatically more popular? Yoga has had some very influential ambassadors who have helped bring it to the west, making it popular and widespread.

That is not the case with Qi Gong, which means there’s a huge opportunity for Qi Gong teachers to introduce others to the powerful and ancient practice. Additionally, not everyone resonates with Yoga. Qi Gong can help those individuals experience spiritual awakening through a new and unique practice.

5. Cultivate your own practice:


Without a doubt, becoming a Qi Gong teacher is the single best way to cultivate your own practice.

In fact, many Qi Gong teachers start training without the intention of actually teaching (although most usually do). Teacher training includes a combination of two powerful immersions: The Five Elements, and The Tree Elements.

Together, the two immersion programs take participants on an inward journey to understand who they are on a deeper level. As students learn more about the energies at work within their beings, views transform and intentions are clarified. Many student teachers find that teacher training brings a completely new way of looking at the world. Some have described teacher training as a process of discovering who they are, and getting greater clarity on their purpose in life.

Of course, your own personal practice will never be the same after learning the wealth of knowledge that Lee has to share. If you’ve read this far, you know that Qi Gong is far more than a relaxing leisurely activity. It’s a profound spiritual path with the potential to empower individuals and change lives.

These are just a few of the reasons people become Qi Gong teachers. Of course, becoming a Holden Qi Gong certified teacher offers many more great opportunities, including:

Becoming part of an exciting and supportive community, enhancing your existing holistic healthcare business, building your career, or even just becoming a part-time teacher, to name a few…

To learn more and see if teacher training is right for you, click the banner below.

Whatever path is right for you, we wish you continued growth and much success in your life ahead.



By Ian Drogin