New Years is a time for setting forth with a renewed vision of what we want to create. As we discussed in our last blog post, everything that we manifest externally starts with an internal process. In Qi Gong, we take our attention inward to cultivate the intentions we’re seeking to bring to life.

To help you start 2019 off with clarity and purpose, we thought we’d a share a wonderful meditation that works with your intention to guide your energy. Our last blog post talked about how “the mind leads the Qi.” Today, we’re going to put that wisdom into practice as we allow our consciousness to nurture our intentions for the new year.

Although this can be a deeply moving and relaxing meditation, it’s quite simple and can be practiced in just a few minutes. We suggest reading through the following instructions so you know how it works, and then closing your eyes to begin the practice.

We hope you enjoy!

Start off by getting yourself into a relaxed state. Take some deep breaths, let go of your thoughts, and feel yourself existing in the present moment. As you breathe, get in touch with the power and energy that lives within you. Feel the Qi moving throughout you to all parts of your body. Maybe this will be subtle sensations in your fingers or toes, or perhaps an energetic awareness of the Qi within you. If you can, pay a little extra attention to the energy in your lower Tan Tien—your reservoir of vital life force energy in your lower abdomen.

As you sit and feel what’s true and alive for you in the present moment, start to visualize whatever it is that you want to create. Think and feel what it will really be like to bring to life the goals and intentions that you’re seeking to realize. Make this internal visualization as vibrant and lucid as possible. What sounds do you hear? What sights do you see? What feelings do you experience? Allow your mind and body to really feel what it’s like to realize the intentions you’ve set for yourself. Try to bring this experience fully into the present moment as if it’s happening right now. Sit with it and really feel your energy gravitate towards the internal vision of what you want to create. This process can take a few minutes to unfold, so allow yourself some space to really sink into your visualization.

Once you’ve sat with your intention and felt it fully alive within you for a few minutes, smile to yourself and let it go like you’re planting a seed with non-attachment. The intention you’ve set for yourself has already started to guide your energy in realizing your higher vision.

After you complete this meditation you may feel happy or excited. That’s great, allow that energy to carry you into the next steps of whatever journey you’re on. If you don’t feel energized and motivated, that’s okay too. Sometimes, this meditation can take a few tries before you really drop into a state of clarity and flow.

This is an excellent meditation to start off the new year, but it can also be practiced anytime you want to renew your focus on what you’re seeking to manifest in your life. One of the great things about this meditation is that it can apply to any possible intention that you set for yourself, and is helpful for both internal and external goals.

2019 can be a great year for you, and we want to be there for you as you face the victories and challenges that the new year may bring. From our entire team at Holden QiGong, we wish you the best of Qi and look forward to many more great practices together in 2019!

By Ian Drogin