For many of us, our first experience of Qi Gong is both moving and inspirational. We quickly experience a feeling of deep relaxation, the release of tension, and the soothing yet uplifting sensation of Qi. Once your “AHA” moment happens you know the power of Qi Gong, and you probably make a decision then and there to start practicing on a regular basis. However, it’s not always so easy to stay loyal to your intention of cultivating a consistent practice.

In life, there is often a discrepancy between what we want our habits to be, and what our habits actually are. Even when we know what is right for us, it can be difficult to enact our decisions and live in the way that we truly want. This blog post will discuss some of the benefits, barriers, and strategies for cultivating a consistent Qi Gong practice.

Benefits of a Consistent Qi Gong Practice


You’ve probably heard the popular proverb, “practice makes perfect.” While perfection is unique to the individual and an ever-evolving concept in Qi Gong, the general principle is true: consistent practice allows you to grow in ways that nothing else can.

Since Qi Gong is a practice of working with your life force energy, any positive change in your ability to practice results in greater fulfillment. In other words, Qi Gong is the practice of personal well-being, so naturally, your well-being and happiness can be strongly correlated with your skillfulness as a practitioner.

Of all the elements that lead to skillfulness in Qi Gong, none is more important than the consistency of practice. Just as our muscles can become conditioned through regular physical exercise, our energy, emotions, and thoughts are greatly influenced by the habits that support them.

Why can’t you get the same benefits from intermittent Qi Gong practice?


When you do Qi Gong sporadically your practice may still feel good, but your mind and body are unable to fully integrate the lessons you’ve learned. It’s like working out at the gym once a month—you still feel immediately energized, but you may not notice any changes in your strength. However, with consistency, clear changes start to take place.

Just as you’re able to feel your physical strength increase as you become more fit, the same is true of your energetic body when you practice Qi Gong consistently. 

Qi Gong is based on the energy that flows throughout all parts of your being. While the sensation of Qi may be subtle at first, your awareness of it grows with time. Each time you practice Qi Gong it’s like sharpening your perception of your internal energy. With repetition, it becomes easier and easier to tap into your Qi to work with your body, thoughts, and emotions. 

Heightened sensitivity of Qi empowers all aspects of your practice. Lee teaches Qi Gong for many different intentions, but all rely on the ability to perceive and work with Qi. When your practice is consistent, it becomes easier to quickly drop in and experience the many wonderful benefits that Qi Gong can offer. 

Consistent practice doesn’t just allow you to experience the immediate benefits of relaxation and energy. You also start to notice that your baseline energy starts to shift as well. Basically, the positive qualities of less stress and more energy start to seep into all of your life’s activities. It’s like you’re practicing Qi Gong even when you’re driving, working, or spending time with your family. Needless to say, everything just feels better when you’re relaxed yet energized. Just as stress and fatigue can become part of your habitual cycle, so can peace, love, and inspiration. Regular Qi Gong practice is a great way to quietly yet profoundly shift your energy in a positive and enriching way.

Barriers to Consistency


Why can we find it difficult to practice Qi Gong every day, even though it feels great and we know it’s good for us?

Some people discover Qi Gong and immediately start practicing regularly. Such people usually have a supportive Qi Gong community, a schedule that makes it easier, and convenient access to Lee or another great teacher. In short, their environment supports healthy Qi Gong habits. 

For others, the path to consistency isn’t quite as straightforward. Many students have one amazing Qi Gong experience and then fall into a cycle of sporadic practices that are determined by opportunity rather than desire.

Even for those determined to cultivate a consistent practice, the support and guidance aren’t always there. Perhaps a busy work schedule gets in the way, or maybe family responsibilities make it difficult to find enough time. Whatever the external reason may be, there’s a clear, internal reason that you may still be struggling: Your current habits don’t include Qi Gong, and habits are difficult to change all by yourself. 

Cultivating a Consistent Qi Gong Practice


At Holden Qi Gong, we realize that it’s not always easy to create a strong and consistent Qi Gong practice on your own. After all, Qi Gong isn’t always one of those things that beg for attention like food, water, or sleep. Without the right habits and structure, it can be easy to view your Qi Gong practice as a nice “luxury” that can be dismissed when you’re busy or stressed out. However, it is exactly because of busyness and stress that your Qi Gong practice is so important to maintain.

One of the best ways to develop a consistent practice is to become a member of our Qi Gong subscriber community. As a subscriber, you’ll have access to the recordings of three weekly classes that take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening at Lee’s studio in Santa Cruz, California.

The subscription program is an excellent way to learn more about Qi Gong or to try new and exciting styles. Each class is different, so you’re sure to encounter a rich variety of practices and meditations. The subscription program teaches you the right exercises in the right quantities, so there’s not too much, and not too little. Every session is recorded, so if the scheduled time doesn’t work well for you, you can simply go back and watch it later. A strong, consistent practice can work wonders in all areas of your life, so click the link below to learn more about this wonderful opportunity.