piercing the veil

Do you ever sense that there’s more happening around you than you can see or hear? Well, you’re right. Although your five senses are incredibly powerful, they’re unable to perceive the more subtle qualities of the world you live in.

According to Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong, an invisible field of energy (Qi) constantly surrounds us. This energy field isn’t obvious, but if you pay close attention, you can learn how to perceive this ever-present ocean of Qi.

Piercing the Veil is a form of Qi Gong that teaches us how to move past the limitations of physical matter and connect to subtle energy. In this blog, you’ll learn about the principles of Piercing the Veil Qi gong, as well as a three-minute Qi Gong exercise to help you experience its perception-enhancing benefits for yourself.  

What Lies Beyond the Physical World?

In the twenty-first century, people tend to be overly focused on physical appearances. Magazine covers, television, and social media all seem to suggest that reality consists of things we can see, hear, or touch. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating the physical world, but if that’s all you pay attention to, you’ll miss out on so much more.

Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong recognize that the physical world doesn’t reflect the full picture. So, master Qi Gong teacher Lee Holden developed special techniques to help us see beyond the material level of existence. He calls these practices Piercing the Veil because they help pierce through the limitations of the material world and connect to the invisible energy field

When your awareness transcends beyond your five senses, you can perceive so much more about your world. Externally, you can see your environment with more clarity and vibrancy, allowing you to connect more deeply with the present moment. Internally, you have a heightened awareness of what’s happening within you. This allows you to truly be in touch with your emotions in each moment and experience an elevated sense of intuition.  

Below, we’ve included instructions for a three-minute Piercing the Veil Qi Gong routine so you can get a taste of the practice. We suggest that you read through the instructions before you begin.

Three-Minute Piercing the Veil Qi Gong Routine

To start this routine, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and let your hands rest at your side. Take a couple of deep breaths and try to relax your body.

After a few moments, bend your elbows slightly with your palms facing up so your hands are out in front of you. Then, raise your left hand directly out in front of you and rotate your hand clockwise so your thumb moves downward and your pinkie finger raises. Exhale as you extend your arm.

Once your arm is fully extended, bring your left hand back toward your waist and let your hand “unwind” in the opposite direction (counterclockwise). Inhale as your arm moves toward your body.

Next, do the same thing with your right hand, except your right hand should rotate counterclockwise so your thumb moves downward and your pinkie raises. Exhale as you extend your hand. Then, “unwind” your right hand and bring it back toward your waist as you inhale.

Continue doing this movement, alternating between hands. Exhale as your hand extends outward and rotates. Inhale as your hand moves back toward your waist. 

When your hand moves outward, imagine that you’re piercing through the veil that separates the material and energetic aspects of reality. With each movement, feel yourself becoming more and more connected to the invisible energy field around you. Visualize your hands moving through that field as if you’re swimming through water.

Do this exercise for at least three minutes. Whenever you’re ready, let your arms rest by your side, take a few more deep breaths, and take that feeling of relaxation with you into the rest of your day. 

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