While many of the World Tai Chi and Qi Gong events are being postponed amid concerns of the Coronavirus, there’s never been a greater need for these practices than now. This blog post will discuss the history and purpose of World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day. We’ll also explore how we can channel the event’s intentions into our everyday practice with our upcoming workshop, Qi Gong for Seniors.

Origin and Intentions

Even though the practices have been around for thousands of years, it wasn’t until 1999 that World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day was established. Today, there are over eighty countries and hundreds of cities worldwide that participate in the annual event.

The celebration takes place on the last Saturday of April and is an opportunity to discover and expand our awareness of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Chinese Medicine as a whole.

Most of these events typically start at 10am local time and include practices, discussions, and spaces for connection. Although many in-person meetups are being postponed this year, there’s still a lot that we can do to recognize the occasion from our own homes (more about this below).

There are several goals of the contemporary event that all stem from the importance of educating communities about the healing power of these ancient practices. In addition to sharing Tai Chi and Qi Gong lessons, many practitioners see this as an opportunity to highlight emerging medical research about the health benefits associated with regular practice. 

Since more and more people are using Tai Chi and Qi Gong as a source of strength and confidence in their work, the event also emphasises ways that we can use these practices to improve our everyday lives. Of course, this is something we talk a lot about at Holden QiGong. Through education and experiential learning, Tai Chi and Qi Gong communities around the globe use the event to promote our shared vision of a healthier, happier world.

Lastly, the event serves as an important platform to express our gratitude for the ancient Chinese traditions. It has been through the extensive work of countless teachers that we’re able to enjoy these transformative and empowering practices.

Channeling the Event’s Intentions into Our Home-Based Practices

Like so many other activities, the current circumstances have caused many of the World Tai Chi and Qi Gong events to be postponed this year. While the decisions to do so are necessary, it’s important that we not forget about the intentions of the occasion.

While the world experiences an unfamiliar situation, many of us are being challenged in ways that we’re not used to. Lots of people are feeling worried about the threat to their health, others are concerned about their jobs, and some are struggling to fill the void left by the disappearance of their usual activities.

All of these things can cause stress and frustration. Social isolation and health issues are already areas of anxiety for many, and with the reasons for increased concern, it’s now more important than ever to use our Qi Gong practice for physical and emotional resiliency.

By practicing Qi Gong when you notice stress arise, you’re better able to release it quickly and replace it with peaceful, vital Qi. This allows you to focus on more positive and healthy ways of thinking and feeling throughout the unfamiliarity we’re all going through.

Not only does regular Qi Gong practice help you to stay emotionally balanced and centered, but it’s also a great way to strengthen the immune system and cultivate health. 

Even though we may not be able to celebrate World Tai Chi and Qi Gong day together in person, we believe that we can find comfort in knowing that our community is still connected through our home-based practices. By turning to the tools we have for letting go of stress and cultivating vitality, we can enrich our own internal energy while carrying out the intentions of the informal holiday.

Pre-Recorded Qi Gong for Seniors Workshop 

At Holden QiGong, we’ve put together a pre-recorded online workshop called Qi Gong for Seniors. Not only are these practices especially timely while staying at home, but they’re also excellent tools for everyday health and wellness.

At its core, Qi Gong is the art of aging gracefully. As Lee always points out, it isn’t primarily the process of adding more years to your life that causes the appearance of aging, but also the fact that many older people stop moving consistently.

Even though the effects of not moving are more dramatic when it occurs over many years, it’s still easy to see how this process happens on a short timeline. Just think about how you feel when you walk off an airplane after a long flight. More than likely, you’ll feel like you just aged twenty years. Sitting in the same position for eight hours can cause immediate soreness and stiffness throughout almost every joint and muscle in your body.  

Qi Gong is an especially valuable practice for older people who may not have the physical mobility for extremely rigorous exercises. In the Qi Gong for Seniors Workshop, Lee extracts many of the most valuable routines for seniors for cultivating youthful energy and health.

These practices work with breathing, the joints, flowing exercises, and other routines to circulate and tonify your internal energy system. They also help to cultivate a childlike joy and happiness — a key ingredient to staying young at heart.

If you’re interested in rejuvenating your energy, learning new exercises, and synchronizing with other practitioners around the world, just click on the banner below to learn more and start practicing today.